Dog Training


If you’re struggling with your dogs’ behaviour at home or in public, our Dog Training sessions are for you.

Dog Training helps owners to feel at ease knowing that their dog will respond more positively in triggering situations. Training can help with a variety of behavioural issues, such as preventing an overly exuberant dog from jumping up or encouraging a shy dog to come out of its shell and build their confidence.
Your dog will learn some new skills, and with some practice their old unwanted behaviours will be replaced with new found manners.

Manners & General Obedience training for issues such as:

  • Pulling on the lead.
  • Jumping on visitors.
  • Not listening.
  • Not coming back when called (recall).
  • Having trouble settling down.
  • Begging for food.
  • Whining or pawing at you for attention.
  • Lacking obedience skills and general manners.
  • Teaching them to sit nicely at the café.
  • Etc.

Behaviour Modification training for dogs struggling with:

  • Separation anxiety.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Destructive chewing / digging.
  • Timidity, fears and phobias.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Overexcited greetings.
  • Fence jumping.
  • Counter surfing.
  • Aggression towards other Dogs.
  • On Leash Frustration.
  • Attention Seeking Behaviours.
Learning these new skills in a familiar environment and where they occur is important; that’s why we come to you to do the training in your home and neighborhood. We work collaboratively with you and your dog to ensure the training sessions are tailored to your individual needs. All Dog Training sessions require an Initial Assessment. These are 1.5 hours in duration and are designed to assess and understand your dog’s behaviours before determining the best course of action to address your specific behavioural concerns.
Following the assessment, we’ll discuss the most appropriate options and you’ll be shown some practical techniques and management strategies that you can use to get you started on resolving the problem. Information handouts to support your learning are supplied so that you can refer to them in your own time. Ongoing phone and email support is also provided.
If required, follow up training sessions are 1 hour in duration.
Whether you need a lot of help or a little, we can find the right mix of training to suit you and your dog.

Initial Assessment (1.5 hours) $200
Single Session (1 hour) $160