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Dog & Puppy Training in Melbourne

At The Dog Training Co., we are a dog and puppy training providers in Melbourne committed to helping you and your dog understand each other better. We offer highly personalised services designed to suit your dog’s learning pace and help you strengthen your relationship with your furry friend through fun and innovative training exercises.

Trusted Dog Trainers in Melbourne

As professional dog & puppy training experts in Melbourne, we can help you identify any problematic behaviours in your dog and rectify them through positive reinforcements and scientifically proven training modules.
We understand that every dog expresses itself differently, and hence our experts believe in working closely with the dog owners and their dogs. This allows us to form a better understanding of their relationship and the owner’s training goals. Based on all of these factors, we develop highly personalised training plans that best fit the dog’s learning pace. It helps dog owners to anticipate and address their dog’s needs. At the same time, it also helps the dogs understand what their owners expect of them and how they should behave.
Some of the training programmes that we offer at The Dog Training Co. include the following:
  • Puppy Training Programme
  • Dog Training Programme
  • Training Walk

Our Services

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

In-home puppy lessons with a puppy expert. We offer single lessons or comprehensive programs designed to take the mystery out of puppy training.

Dog Training

In-home private training sessions tailored to your dog. Whether they're pulling on the lead, or barking at the delivery person! We work with dogs of all ages and breeds.
Walk Train

Training Walks

More than just a walk! A qualified trainer will walk your dog and practice obedience skills to exercise their minds and tire them out for you, while you're busy or at work.

Our Services

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

In-home puppy lessons with a puppy expert. We offer single lessons or comprehensive programs designed to take the mystery out of puppy training.


Dog Training

In-home private training sessions tailored to your dog. Whether they're pulling on the lead, or not coming when called, we work with dogs of all ages and breeds.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to progress your dog’s training and obedience skills in a supportive, safe & high distraction environment.

Walk Train

Day Training Program

A day training program is a great option for those who want the perks of a well-trained dog but don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to train the dogs themselves!

Why Choose us for Dog Training in Melbourne?

The Dog Training Co. is a highly reputed and reliable dog and puppy training institute in Melbourne. Here, we are committed to helping you build a healthy relationship with your dog and create a comfortable and loving environment so they can grow and thrive.
Still wondering why you should opt for our dog & puppy training services in Melbourne? Well, here are the top reasons why our clients love working with us:
  • We are experienced and certified professionals using science-backed training techniques to help your dog learn how they should behave at home and in public.
  • As experienced trainers, we understand that every dog is unique, so we offer customised training plans tailored to suit your dog's specific needs and your goals as an owner.
  • We believe in positive reinforcement training, which means we reward your dog for good behaviour and encourage positive behaviours through fun and engaging exercises.
  • You can choose from various training options that meet your budget and schedule.
Connect with us to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your dog and puppy training needs in Melbourne.

Tailored Puppy Training Sessions

We understand that puppies have special needs, and as experienced dog behaviourists in Melbourne, we can help your puppy adjust to its new home easily.

At The Dog Training Co., we offer highly customised training plans to meet your puppy’s unique needs and your goals as an owner. Depending on your comfort level around dogs and prior experience (if any), we will develop a personalised training programme to help your puppy adjust to its new environment and help it grow in a happy and comfortable environment.

Here, we use science-backed positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desirable mannerisms in your puppy, making the learning experience fun and rewarding for them. Some of the salient features of our puppy training programme include:
  • Helping you understand what to expect with a puppy
  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Helping you puppy-proof your home
  • Toilet training
  • Helping your puppy inculcate good habits

Affordable Prices

As reputed dog behaviourists near you, we believe that every pet owner deserves access to quality dog and puppy trainer services in Melbourne at an affordable price. So, we offer several ways to make our training programs accessible and affordable for all.
Choose from various training sessions and plans that best suit your budget and help your furry friend adjust their behaviours so they can conduct themselves well in social situations.

Dog Training

Every dog has its language and behavioural challenges. Through our highly personalised dog training programme, we help you address issues like aggression, leash training, etc. Your dog will develop new skills that can help strengthen the bond between you and your dog and enhance their quality of life.

Puppy Training

We understand puppies require special attention and care during their early developmental stages. Our puppy training programme is designed to help you and your puppy address concerns like loose-leash training, socialisation, etc., so they develop into a well-mannered, happy and confident dog.

Behavioural Consultations

Did your dog suddenly develop separation anxiety, timidity, aggression towards strangers etc.? If yes, we will work collaboratively with you and your dog to understand the root cause of this issue. And we will help your dog overcome them through innovative training techniques & positive reinforcements.

Private Behaviour Consultations

Sometimes, you will notice that your dog is behaving unusually. This could include symptoms like:
  • Behaving aggressively with strangers
  • Showing signs of discomfort in public places
  • Excessive Barking
  • Difficulty in settling down
or basically any other that is out of the ordinary.
Such behaviours are often triggered by certain situations. At The Dog Training Co., we are experienced dog behaviourists in Melbourne. With one-on-one private behaviour sessions, we work with your dog to understand what triggers these behaviours.
Based on our analysis of the situation, we will work out a training plan that addresses the issue and helps your dog channel these behaviours into newly learned manners.

Qualified and Skilled Dog Trainers

A wise person once said, “It would be easier to understand our dogs if only we spoke ‘dog’!” But since that hasn’t happened yet, we have to rely on dog training experts near us to help us understand our furry friends and their behaviour.
The Dog Training Co. is a Melbourne-based mobile dog and puppy training & behaviour consultancy near you, committed to helping you understand your dogs better. Our in-house trainer Jennifer has certifications in dog training & behaviour modification. And she is committed to helping develop a harmonious relationship between humans and their dogs.
Besides her private one-on-one training sessions, Jennifer has also worked extensively with The Lort Smith’s Pet Therapy Programme, where she provides assessments and training support to their Pet Therapy Teams.
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How It Works

After deciding to undertake training you can make a booking for an initial consultation. Following the initial consultation, you will be provided with…


Let's talk! Either give us a call or send us a message through the bookings page. We can discuss how we may be able to help and work out the best options to suit your needs.


We’ll arrange a date and time for us to come to your home or an agreed location near you. Depending on the service you require, you may be asked to complete a training questionnaire to ensure we make the most out of our training session.


During your training session, you’ll be provided with practical strategies and shown training techniques to teach your dog the new skills that are required to help address your training goals. Information handouts to support your learning are provided so that you can refer to them in your own time. Ongoing phone support is also provided as needed.
Walk Train

Why Puppy Training is Important

When you bring a puppy home, you become responsible for ensuring its well-being. And while every dog owner wishes that their puppies are well-behaved, it requires a lot of patience and hard work to ensure your pup understands how you expect it to behave.
We understand that training your puppy can be a time-consuming affair. But, as experienced puppy trainers in Melbourne, we can assure you there are multiple benefits to it, such as:
  • Your puppy grows to be more friendly and well-behaved.
  • It imparts valuable life skills to your puppy, such as toilet training.
  • Training helps establish a proper communication channel between you and your puppy.
  • Your puppy will learn to alleviate their stress and emotional issues without committing destructive behaviours, even when you are not around.
  • Training also helps build trust and confidence in your puppy.


What Our Clients Say

Lara, Eric & Kira Loose leash walking program

We have a very energetic and strong Rottweiler puppy who was difficult to restrain at the door and then safely walk. Jen's first 90 minute session made all the difference, within two days our puppy was waiting patiently at the door and the gate and was walking calmly next to us. Jen taught us so many useful things and our puppy loved the sessions.

Vicki & Pablo Puppy program

As a first time dog owner, Jen has given me confidence and helped me understand and respond appropriately to my Schnoodle, Pablo, since he was a puppy. She has a magic way with him and a positive and affirming approach to the training and managing his behaviour. Jen is experienced and knowledgeable, flexible and supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and I always enjoy our sessions. I would highly recommend her.

Michael, Kim & Otis Pre Puppy Program

We are so pleased we contacted Jen. She helped us prepare for our new puppy before he arrived and put our minds at ease in knowing what to expect and how to set everything up. We felt confident knowing what to do once our puppy arrived and Jen helped prepare us in setting Otis up with some good habits straight away. Once Otis settled in, Jen visited us and showed us some fun training exercises that the whole family love doing. Best decision we made.

Behavioural Consultations for Dogs Owners

As experienced dog trainers in Melbourne, we highly recommend behavioural consultations for your dog if it starts exhibiting
problematic behaviour. As a dog owner, you must watch for signs of such behaviour, as they are often triggered by deep-rooted issues.
You must address the issues at the earliest as they may negatively impact your dog’s quality of life and affect your relationship with them.
Some problematic behaviours that you need to watch out for include:
  • Counter surfing
  • Destructive chewing/digging
  • Excessive barking
  • Fence jumping
  • Growling around food, toys or people
  • Hyperactivity
  • Over-excited greetings
  • Reactivity towards other dogs, people or even the vacuum
  • Separation anxiety
  • Timidity, fears and phobias
If you have noticed one or more of these issues with your dog, it is high time that you got in touch with us. We will work closely with your dog to understand what triggers such behaviour. And with practice, we will help them eliminate such behaviour & replace them with positive manners.
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Yes, we encourage you to attend our training sessions with your dogs and puppies. This helps you further strengthen your bond with your pooch and allows you to learn how to reinforce positive behaviours and continue the training at home after our session is up.
To get started with dog training, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will assess your dog's needs and behaviour and work cooperatively to develop a customised training plan that meets your goals and fits your schedule.
Yes, we only offer one-on-one dog and puppy training sessions in Melbourne. We customise these sessions to address specific behavioural issues and work on various topics, such as obedience training, agility training, or other types of training based on your dog's needs and your goals as an owner.
Yes, we offer specialised training programmes to help dog owners deal with aggression in their dogs. We have extensive experience in addressing aggressive behaviour in dogs. And we employ a combination of behaviour modification techniques and positive reinforcement training to help them learn new, non-aggressive manners.
Yes, we provide ongoing support and guidance to help you continue training your dog after completing our training programme. As your trusted dog behaviourist in Melbourne, we will provide you with strategies and techniques to reinforce positive behaviours and discourage negative ones.

Opt for Highly Personalised Dog Training Sessions Near You

Are you looking for a dependable puppy training consultancy near you? Then your search ends with The Dog Training Co.
Whether you need a little help with your new puppy or a lot of assistance in helping address your dog’s behavioural concerns, we can help you address it all. As one of the leading puppy and dog training consultants in Melbourne, we are committed to helping you address any behavioural concerns of your furry friends through highly personalised training programmes. Connect with us via call or email to learn more about our dog & puppy training services in Melbourne.