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Dog & Puppy Training in Melbourne

The Dog Training Co is a Melbourne-based professional dog training and behaviour consultancy. We provide in-home visits for Puppy Training, Dog Training and also provide Training Walks. Sessions are individually tailored to suit you and your dog. Work in the comfort of your home and within your neighborhood, and help to address real-life issues in real-life settings.

Trusted Dog Trainers in Melbourne

We work with puppies and dogs of all ages and all breeds. Whether you need a lot of help or a little, we can find the right mix of training to suit you and your dog. At The Dog Training Co we are passionate about helping you and your dog to develop a PAWESOME relationship!
With so much conflicting information out there, dog owners often feel overwhelmed and confused. Allow us to help take the mystery out of dog training and ensure you are on the right path to creating a happier life with your dog.
Having previously worked in the Puppy Nursery at The Guide Dogs for many years, gaining valuable experience, and often toilet training as many as 10 young puppies at one time, Jennifer understands what it takes to train puppies! As an experienced puppy training specialist in Melbourne, we aim to help take the mystery out of training and provide you with the tools and knowledge to ensure both you and your pup have fun in the process.
As qualified dog & puppy training experts in Melbourne we :

Why Puppy Training is Important

When you bring a puppy home it can be a little overwhelming. You are responsible for ensuring its well-being, while trying to teach new skills and behaviours, and discourage some of the unwanted ones! While every dog owner aims to raise puppies that are well-behaved, it requires a lot of patience, hard work and some specialist knowledge to ensure your pup understands how you expect it to behave.
Here are some of the many benefits of training your puppy:

Our Services

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

In-home puppy lessons with a puppy expert. We offer single lessons or comprehensive programs designed to take the mystery out of puppy training.

Dog Training

In-home private training sessions tailored to your dog. Whether they're pulling on the lead, or barking at the delivery person! We work with dogs of all ages and breeds.
Walk Train

Training Walks

More than just a walk! A qualified trainer will walk your dog and practice obedience skills to exercise their minds and tire them out for you, while you're busy or at work.

Our Services

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

In-home puppy lessons with a puppy expert. We offer single lessons or comprehensive programs designed to take the mystery out of puppy training.


Dog Training

In-home private training sessions tailored to your dog. Whether they're pulling on the lead, or not coming when called, we work with dogs of all ages and breeds.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to progress your dog’s training and obedience skills in a supportive, safe & high distraction environment.

Walk Train

Day Training Program

A day training program is a great option for those who want the perks of a well-trained dog but don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to train the dogs themselves!

Why Choose us for Dog Training in Melbourne?

Still wondering why you should choose The Dog Training Co for personalised dog & puppy training services in Melbourne? Check out some of the top reasons why our clients love working with us…
dog training
The Dog Training Co. is a highly regarded and reliable dog and puppy training provider in Melbourne, with demonstrated customer satisfaction. We are committed to helping you build an enjoyable relationship with your dog and create an environment where they can grow and thrive. Here are some of the top reasons why our clients love working with us:
Please check out our google reviews to see more on what our satisfied customers think and how we’ve helped them.

Competitive Affordable Prices

We believe that every pet owner deserves access to quality dog and puppy trainer services in Melbourne at an affordable price. So, we offer several ways to make our training programs accessible and affordable for all. Choose from various training sessions and plans that best suit your budget and help your pet address behavioural issues and better respond to challenging environments and social situations.

Qualified and Skilled Dog Trainer

Besides offering private one-on-one training sessions with pet dogs and their owners, Jennifer also currently works with The Lort Smith’s Pet Therapy Program, where she provides assessments, workshops and training support to their Pet Therapy Teams.
Previously, Jennifer worked with The Guide Dogs tending to the pups and dogs in the puppy nursery, training kennels and vet clinic. She also spent some time assisting with training at one of the leading dog training schools in Victoria, gaining valuable experience while completing her professional dog training studies.

Tailored Puppy Training Sessions

We understand puppies require special attention and care during their early developmental stages. Our puppy training programs are designed to give your puppy the best start in life, introducing valuable skills and experiences like loose-leash walking, socialisation, mouthing/biting, jumping, toilet training and more. Helping them to develop into well-mannered, happy and confident dogs.
As an experienced dog trainer in Melbourne, we can help you and your puppy by making the learning experiences fun and rewarding. We offer many different puppy programs depending on your particular needs. Whether you want to know what to do before your new puppy arrives or need some help with some unwanted behaviours that your puppy has developed.
For more details see Our Services – Puppy Training

Dog Training

Even well-behaved dogs at times present with unexpected behavioural changes and challenges. Through our highly personalised dog training programs, we help you address issues like pulling on the lead, jumping on people, not listening or coming when called (recall), having trouble settling down, begging for food, whining or pawing at you for attention, barging out doorways, general obedience and manners or maybe you just want your dog to sit nicely at the cafe. The Dog Training Co can help your dog to develop new skills while helping strengthen their listening and engagement skills.

Behaviour Modification Consultations

Has your dog suddenly developed separation anxiety, timidity, or aggression towards other dogs? Is your dog displaying unhealthy obsessive or destructive behaviours?
We can help you to better understand the reasons behind your dogs behaviors and how to safely manage and address these issues. We provide you with training tools, strategies for effective management, guidance & support. Our goal is to modify the unwanted behaviours and build their confidence.


What Our Clients Say

Lara, Eric & Kira Dog Training

We have a very energetic and strong Rottweiler puppy who was difficult to restrain at the door and then safely walk. Jen's first 90 minute session made all the difference, within two days our puppy was waiting patiently at the door and the gate and was walking calmly next to us. Jen taught us so many useful things and our puppy loved the sessions.

Vicki & Pablo Puppy program

As a first time dog owner, Jen has given me confidence and helped me understand and respond appropriately to my Schnoodle, Pablo, since he was a puppy. She has a magic way with him and a positive and affirming approach to the training and managing his behaviour. Jen is experienced and knowledgeable, flexible and supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and I always enjoy our sessions. I would highly recommend her.

Michael, Kim & Otis Puppy Program - Prepping for Puppy

We are so pleased we contacted Jen. She helped us prepare for our new puppy before he arrived and put our minds at ease in knowing what to expect and how to set everything up. We felt confident knowing what to do once our puppy arrived and Jen helped prepare us in setting Otis up with some good habits straight away. Once Otis settled in, Jen visited us and showed us some fun training exercises that the whole family love doing. Best decision we made.

How It Works

After deciding to undertake training you can make a booking for an initial consultation. Following the initial consultation, you will be provided with…


Let's talk! Either give us a call or send us a message through the bookings page. We can discuss how we may be able to help and work out the best options to suit your needs.


We’ll arrange a date and time for us to come to your home or an agreed location near you. Depending on the service you require, you may be asked to complete a training questionnaire to ensure we make the most out of our training session.


During your training session, you’ll be provided with practical strategies and shown training techniques to teach your dog the new skills that are required to help address your training goals. Information handouts to support your learning are provided so that you can refer to them in your own time. Ongoing phone support is also provided as needed.

Behavioural Consultations for Dogs Owners

As experienced dog trainers in Melbourne, we highly recommend behavioural consultations for your dog if they start exhibiting any problematic behaviours. It’s important to get assistance in addressing the issues as early as possible and before they escalate and get worse.
Some problematic behaviours that you need to watch out for include:
If you have noticed one or more of these issues with your dog, we can assist. We will work closely with you and your dog to understand what triggers each behaviour. We’ll provide you with a training plan, teach practical training exercises, behaviour modification techniques, and provide valuable management strategies to help your dogs to learn how to become more confident, happy and neutral.

Choose Highly Personalised Dog Training Sessions Near You

Looking for a highly regarded and dependable puppy trainer with excellent client satisfaction near you? Welcome to The Dog Training Co!
Whether you need a little help with your puppy or a lot of assistance in helping address your dog’s behaviours, we can help. As certified professional puppy and dog trainers in Melbourne, we are committed to helping you address your dogs unwanted behaviours and help provide confidence in knowing you’re on the right path with your training.
Connect with us via phone or enquire through our website to learn more about how we may be able to help.